Don't just do. Rather, create what really works.

A one-of-a-kind lecture about sticker design specifics for business vehicles

Business vehicle and sticker design.

Simply a larger canvas?

It is larger, yes, but it is a lot more than just that. If you see it only like that, then you will create nothing more than beautiful screensavers, unfortunately. If properly done, your business vehicles will become a real marketing messenger for your company or your clients’ company. Would you like to know more? There is over 4,5 hours of material made for you.
Introduction to business vehicle stickerd design

For whome?

It does not matter if you are a novice or a hardcore old timer, you get much more new information here, information that you will not get in any university, at least not yet.

  • Advertising agencies’ project managers, who communicate with clients.

  • Designers, especially beginners, who visualize and realize clients’ wishes.

  • Purchasing managers, who need to know what they are outsourcing and what they will receive.

  • Sales managers, who need to know what they are offering to clients.

  • Marketing managers, who want to use their company vehicles’ full ad potential, who pay the bills, and whose job depends on delivering results for the company.

What you will learn?

Basicly, from Hello to Goodbye

  • Background information

    A vehicle as a marketing medium. What makes it so special? Different materials and why you should know this. What to consider before designing, and what goes on after finishing the job? Pricing possibilities. Mistakes and what to do when they happen. ... and a lot more.

  • Design

    What to consider when designing: where you can design, how you should design, and why you should do this like that. Also, why not. Colors, texts, different details, and brand manuals. Get to know the design concept of Practical Design and Disruptive Graphics… and a lot more.

  • Technical

    A designer needs to understand what goes on after designing. Only then can the design be delivered as intended: design and manufacturing it, layouts and material sizes, differences for printer or cutter designs, how a vinyl cutter sees the design… and a lot more.


4,5 hours of video lectures with comments, examples, and practical tips. You WILL learn things you had never thought of before.

100% money back guarantee!

As I have full confidence in this course materials,   I am offering You a  30-day 100% money back guarantee, if You did not get any new and useful information!  

For easier learning, get my book: Poetry in Motion

- Introduction to business vehicle sticker design. 166 pages full of knowledge.

About lecturer:

Gerry Konnov, MBA

I have been designing since 2004, and in 2008 I started to offer sticker solutions. I have been working with small companies, large global companies, and also with the public sector. I work locally and in foreign markets.

My company is also an official partner with 3M an American vinyl material manufacturer.

I have been guest lecturing for advertising agencies designers at local Antalis Lecturing centre.  Antalis is a part of Kokusai Pulp and Paper Group, which is a worldwide leader in paper, packaging, and visual communication distribution. Also they are the  distributor of Avery Dennison vinyl materials in Europe.

I am an author of a book called „Poetry in Motion –  Introduction to business vehicle sticker design“ which is the world's first (handy) textbook that covers business vehicle sticker designing specifics.
I am the creator of this sticker design lecturing portal:

More information can be found at: